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    型號(PratNumber) M2202BK51U
    數量(QTY.) 45000
    廠家(Brand) GMT
    封裝(Package) TDFN3X3-8
    批號(DC.) 22+
    聯系人(contact) 顏先生/William
    電話(contact) 0755-82170220,21001680

    M2202BK51U    TDFN3X3-8

    General Description

    The M2202 is a high frequency, synchronous rectified,

    single phase dual MOSFET driver. Each of the drivers

    is capable of driving a 3000pF load with fast

    rising/falling time and fast propagation delay. This

    device implements bootstrap diode on the upper gate

    with only a single external capacitor. This reduced

    implementation complexity and allows the use of higer

    performance, cost effective, N-MOSFETs. Adaptive

    shoot through protection is integrated to prevent both

    MOSFETs from conducting simultaneously.

    The Tri-state PWM input can turn off both high-side and

    low-side MOSFETs.


     High Frequency Low Profile DC/DC Converters

     High Current Low Voltage DC/DC Converters


     Drive Two N-MOSFETs

     Adaptive Shoot-Through Protection

     5V~20V VCC operating voltage

     1.2A source current, 1.8A sink current

     Adjustable Dead-Time of Driver

     Tri-State PWM Input for Power Stage Shutdown

     Output Disable Function

     Embedded Bootstrap Diode

     VCC POR Feature Integrated

     MSOP-10, SOP-8 (FD) ,TDFN3X3-8 Package.

    型號(PartNumber) 數量(QTY.) 廠家(Brand) 封裝(Package) 批號(DC.) 描述(Description) PDF
    G2034AG21U 30000 GMT WLCSP2X3-6 22+ G2034AG21U WLCSP2X3-6120mA, Current Sinking, 1
    G5521AR51U 21000 GMT TQFN4X4-24 22+ G5521AR51U 臺灣致新代理商 GMT DC-DC系列 G5521AR51U TQ
    BF7612DM28-SJLX 12000 BYD SOP-28 22 BYD 家電 8 位三合一 MCUBF7612DM28-SJLX SOP-28BF7612DM
    G2057F11U 45000 GMT SOP-8 22+ G2057F11U SOP-8Full-Bridge PWM Motor Driver替代A
    G9941F11U 30000 GMT SOP-8 22+ G9941F11U SOP-8 G9941F11U G9941 SOP-8 12V直流線性風
    M2202BK51U 45000 GMT TDFN3X3-8 22+ M2202BK51U TDFN3X3-8General DescriptionThe M220

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